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    Smile What Kind of Ball Python is This

    I just got a 6 year old ball python from someone I think it is a normal ball python may also be caramel ball python.I would like to know what you all think?And it is really big I also think may be a female being so big and all. I am going to fine the sex in few week I just call it a she.
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    Re: What Kind of Ball Python is This

    That's normal. A carmel is a LOT brighter in color. And would never be mistakenly sold as a normal. Probably a female if its really big
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    Re: What Kind of Ball Python is This

    Looks like a really nice normal to me.

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    Re: What Kind of Ball Python is This

    Sorry I replied before I looked at the bigger picture. It def looks like a normal I said axanthic which lacks yellow pigment so I'm wrong lol... sorry.

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