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    Question Unusually Active Ball Python

    Hi everyone!! This is my first post, and appreciate the opportunity to join your forums!! So as a new ball python (or reptile period) owner I am always nervous and wondering if things are going ok lol... Heres my concern - I recently brought home my 2nd ball python, Sebastian. He is a gorgeous pastel youngster. and he is so tiny!! I think he is either late 09 or early 2010.

    He seems happy enough, but he doesn't really go into his hides often. I even had to introduce him to them. He just lies about wherever! MIA my first & older ball is always in her hide,even when she was smaller. And she is not really that active. Especially not during the daytime. But Sebastian (the snake in ?) is like totally ADHD!!!! He is always exploring the tank and stuff. Which normally I would be happy to see. But I just wonder bc compared to MIA and based on all the literature Ive read, this is WEIRD!! It doesn't matter what time of day it is, day or night, he is just going!!! Right now I am only handling him 2x day for about 15-20min each time.

    Has anyone else had this experience? Is there something I'm missing (ie tank setup, or whatever) ? Also, we fed him not long after we got him & he ate great!! This last time, no luck. He sniffed it a bit and just went the other way. I noticed some pink on his belly maybe shed?

    His tank setup includes a hide on both his hot and cold side. with an Under Tank Heater and a basking light. It is pretty much the same as MIA's and she has never had any issues.


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    Re: Unusually Active Ball Python

    Hi, it`s good to have you on the forum, it`s hard to say if there`s something missing until you give all the details; temps, humidity, size of hides (if he/she isn`t using them), although it`s not unusual for the younger reptiles to be quite active, and as you will already know, they do shed often at this stage, which may be why the snake refused the last meal. Do you have any photos? Thanks!

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    Re: Unusually Active Ball Python

    Welcome to HCN! It sounds as though to me you just have a very active and curious little snake. Just remember, each snake is different and there is no real set rule, just general guidelines. I think Sebastian will be fine and I anxiously look forward to seeing pictures of him and Mia.

    As Stefan (Murrindindi) said, please include all the particulars of your cage, and we will give you the best help we can. Again please enjoy your stay with HerpCenter.
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    Re: Unusually Active Ball Python

    maybe he doesn't find his hides suitable? many Ball Pythons prefer tight-fitting hides. Just a guess.
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    Re: Unusually Active Ball Python

    Maybe he is just exploring his new habitat. What are you using for a hide? If it's one of those carved out log thingies, I would use a more secure hide. One that has an opening at just one point.

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