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    Question Eye Caps Wont Shed

    Hello all! Again, I'm new to this forum so just saying a quick hi!

    I have a question about my ball python. For the last couple of months his 'eye caps' haven't come off (but he's always had a problem with this). I mist him daily and give him a place to soak if he wants (He hates water for some reason tho..). I've even tried using a little scotch tape to gently remove the cap but it hasn't worked. I think it's effecting his ability to see clearly. Any suggestions on how to remove them? Or a process I can use? Thanks so much! Dianne

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    Re: Eye Caps Wont Shed

    See if you can find a method in this thread. I would not recommend tape removal. It can cause more damage than good.

    HELP! Retained eye caps on ball python
    removing eye caps

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    Re: Eye Caps Wont Shed

    Are you positive the caps haven't come off?
    Are you checking the shed skin to see?
    Ball Python's eyecaps are known to developed a crinkled look in low humidity that has led some to think the caps didn't come off when actually they did.
    If you are positive the caps are still on the snake use the towel in the pillowcase trick. Do not attempt to pull the caps off yourself. More than one snake has been blinded by over zealous keepers attemting to remove the actual lens of the eye!
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    Re: Eye Caps Wont Shed

    good ol pillow case trick. I've had to use it once before on our Ball Python.. works wonders. lol
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    Re: Eye Caps Wont Shed

    I will save you the trip to the other thread:

    You need to take a pillow case, and toss the snake inside it. Then take a towel, soak it in warm water, ring out the excess water so it is wet but not dripping, and toss it in with the snake. Take the entire pillowcase and tie the end now so the snake can't escape, and place the pillowcase in a dark, warm location. (Back in the snakes enclosure near its heat source works well.

    Leave the snake overnight in this setup. The snake will try to escape the bag, and as it looks, will rub itself against the towel and the wet pillowcase. The moisture will help separate the skin and the rubbing will help snag the eye cap naturally.

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    Re: Eye Caps Wont Shed

    my snake did this once, all i did was took a q-tip dipped it in olive oil and gently swabbed her eye. it works wonders. she started moving her head back and forth on the q-tip as if she knew that i was helping.

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