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    How much water???

    Now that my Ball Python has shed and I don't need all of the water bowls I used to increase the humidity, how much water does my Ball Python need? What is the minimum amount. I am having a hard time keeping the humidity down. BTW the humidity is at 63%-64% currently. Will this cause a RI? I use paper so my substrate isn't holding any any moisture. any help would be great.

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    Does it only have one water bowl now? Both my bps are on paper towel, when not shedding they just have one water bowl and are never misted, they live at about 45- 52% humidity. If you could get it down to 55-60% I think it would be ok.

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    I think I am going to drill a few more holes is my Plexi glass to reduce the humidity. Its holding at 68% with one small water dish.

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