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    Question Pink toe Molt

    How long will a trantula go without eating before a molt? When I first got my trantula I was feeding her in a seperate container but then she wouldnt eat in one and someone told me that after awhile they wont so I started to feed her in her cage, she hasnt eaten in about almost 2 weeks though.

    So I am assuming that she is about to molt? Am I right? I have upped the humidity in her cage and she is staying mainly in her little cocoon web. I just want to know if it is dangerous that she hasnt eaten in almost 2 weeks ??
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    Its totally normal for them to go off food before a molt, they can stop eating for up to 4 weeks, and what you describe her staying in her web, does sound like a molt coming on, pinktoes are usually very active crawling all over, so she is getting ready by the sound of it, just keep checking on her daily, and one time when you look it will look like 2 spiders in there keep us posted and let us know how she goes

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    As Donna said Ts will usually go off food for up to 4 weeks before a molt, and being inside her web does sound like she may be about to molt.. just leave her to it and when she is ready she will kick the skin out and come out. Do not feed her for a week after she has molted as her exoskeleton needs to harden. Also do not leave food in there while she is in molt, as the T is very vulnerable at this stage, although it isn't necessary to feed the T in a separate container - why do you do this? -just feed in the tank and if the cricket isn't eaten in 24 hours take it out and try again in a few days.
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    My Pinktoe hasn't fed in over a month now so it is quite normal.

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