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    Anole's Gender?

    So I have this anole, who I thought was a guy, but I'm not so sure anymore.

    I know it has a dewflap (a tiny one, but still) which it expands very very very rarely.
    It's really small - the body is 2 inches long, the tail is also 2 inches long. And it hasn't really grown at all since I got it (which was about a year ago) - it's just fat.
    I tried looking for the scale things under the tail but didn't find anything (although I might not be looking hard enough).

    Any ideas for that? I'm thinking of getting a friend for it (a girl, for sure), but I was thinking if I'd possibly be stuck with having to deal with anole babies or not

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    Re: Anole's Gender?

    Reptiles don't really need friends. They are solitary creatures, however anoles can be housed together. But watch out, males will often fight and you might have to separate.
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    Re: Anole's Gender?

    And if you put a male and female together they are going to breed.
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    Re: Anole's Gender?

    What kind of anole?
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