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    Jan 2008
    Annapolis, MD

    Cuban Knight Anole

    Hi, down the road i am thinking about purchasing a Cuban Knight Anole. I just thought i'd ask here to see if anyone has or has had one, and any problems they ran into, along with general care info, especially what size enclousure is recommended.

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    Re: Cuban Knight Anole

    We have just got our first anoles. Snappy little monkeys. We are still fairly new and on the other side of the world so its a bit harder to get them and find owners you are have had them in the UK.

    We got a vivarium that is 915mm x 406mm x 1216mm (Sorry dont do inches.) Due to the size we were recommended to get adults so they didnt starve looking for food in such a big viv.

    Most of the care sheets we got in our 3 months of research compare them to Basilisks, Frilled Dragons, Helmetted Iguanas.

    We have 2 wild caught Anoles in here which we got 2 weeks ago. Our male is settling in well and will feed direct from the tweezers, our female is still not sure.

    Hope this rambling helps ryanpb make your mind up. They are fantastic and I love our new additions.

    I am now throughly converted to lizards from spiders and scorpions (sorry if I offend anyone)

    The only new strange thing is eating their own skin which other members have been great to point out helpful tips.

    I hope my rambling helps.

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    Jan 2008
    Annapolis, MD

    Re: Cuban Knight Anole

    That would be roughly 3' x 1'4" x 4', i think. They do seem very cool, but more something for down the road then now, i just wanted to get a general idea. Thank you though, i hope you post pictures on the site someday. id love to see them.
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