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    Registered User iguanairs's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    Tiger Salamander on the Hunt

    The barred tiger salamander may look cute, but to any insects passing by, it's a deadly predator.

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    Elite Member purplemuffin's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Arlington, TX

    Re: Tiger Salamander on the Hunt

    Oh my gosh, so cute. I can't get over those eyes. And that is the most adorable yawn ever.

    Go on little salamander! Eat all the bugs you want!

    The family:
    1.2.0 Leopard geckos (Bubba, Freckle, Speckle)
    1.0.0 Ball Python (Maru)
    0.1.0 Common Boa (Nagini)
    0.1.0 Cockatiel (Bella)
    0.1.1 Pacman Frog (Guacamole, Chimichurri)

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