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    Why is My Frog Burying Itself?

    Hi Frog Friends,

    I have 4 newly morphed frogs (probably Pacific Tree Frogs) who have been happily set up in their new tank for a couple of weeks, chowing down on fruit flies. Now, one is insistent on burying itself in the substrate (coconut/ potting soil). Any ideas? Is it sick? They're small and hard to tell apart, so I'm not sure if it is eating normally, the rest seem to be.

    I don't have a humidity thing in there, but it is not overly wet or very dry, and the room temps are pleasant, not hot or cold.

    Should I be worried?

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    Re: Why is My Frog Burying Itself?

    Either he's not feeling very secure, or he's dry. Do they have a water dish to get into? I would pick up a humidity gauge. Do you offer a warm side and a cool side to the tank? They should have a place to warm up, even though its only a 25 watt light bulb.
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    Re: Why is My Frog Burying Itself?

    Also, you need to know what kind of frogs you have to know what their needs are. Get them identified (I highly recommend post photos here ). Like the frog goddess Liz wrote, hydrometer (from the hardware store- much cheaper than the pet store) and a dish for soaking are basic needs. Good luck with them!

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