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    sick green frog

    I have a green frog with a bloated abdomen. She typically has a diet mix of worms and vitimin enriched crickets, but lately she has been refusing worms and only eating crickets. I think she may be blocked up since there has been no new feces in her aqurium for a while. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Are there any recomendations on how cure this?

    Thank you.

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    Re: sick green frog

    That sounds like an impaction. I would take her to a vet. What does your setup look like? Substrate especially.
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    Re: sick green frog

    How to cure it depends on what the problem is. A description of her habitat (lights, photoperiod, substrate, temperatures, water conditions, etc) will help. It could be a blockage, which could be due to substrate ingestion. It could also be an impaction of semi-digested crickets whose digestion was hampered by some other condition. Dropsy also causes bloating, but I don't think it causes stool retention.

    Regardless, amphibians can be difficult to treat. The best treatment is prevention, which means having the proper living conditions. Having the proper conditions can also help cure a problem if it's not too complex.

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