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    Question Alligator Lizard Egg?

    Hello fellow herpophiles,

    I just saved a couple of alligator lizards a couple of days ago from my cat's sinister clutches, and set them up in a Critter Catcher. After making sure they were fully intact (less a couple of tails, thanks to kitty) and no longer in shock, I gave them a bunch of crickets yesterday, which they promptly devoured. Today (being the hot day it is here) I figured would be the perfect time to once again set them free... until my daughter spied a suspiciously oval object in the Catcher, pale yellow and very slightly translucent--it could almost pass in shape, size and color for a lemon-flavored Jelly Belly. Is this a lizard egg? If so, what do I do? I did catch two lizards, and I'm not sure who is responsible for the donation, although I have my hunches based on lizard markings--one has more striking markings, the other is plainer in appearance--that I've rescued one male and one female, respectively. I know snakes (I have an albino corn snake as a pet--he too was a stray way back when--LOOOONG story for another thread perhaps), but not alligator lizards, and especially not their eggs. Help! I don't want anything dying on my watch!

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    Re: Alligator Lizard Egg?

    I would love to see a picture of it, and the pair.

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    Re: Alligator Lizard Egg?

    Nothern alligator lizards give birth to live young...and they show up from WA down to CA, so it kinda depends on the type of alligator ya got. I believe the rest are regular egg laying types

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