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    I have excelled in keeping the temps right for my AFT, and she has liked it so much that she just sits out of her hides alot more often, and she eats well, never misses a meal. But I would like to add a light just for light basiclly, and just during the day, but for this I was wanting some advice! I don't want to go buy a exo-terra light bulb(thats all I will use, might cost more but oh well) just for light so i was wanting to know if it would hurt her to use a regular 60 watt light bulb (60 watt) thats no more than i use for heating, in the winter i might up it to 75 watts. but what i use to heat is 2 60 watt bulbs in day time and 2 25 watt bulbs during the night. this might sound confusing but just really wanting to know if reg light bulbs are harmful?
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    Re: light

    A regular light bulb will not harm her in any way. As you stated, it will raise the temp a bit.

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    Re: light

    I buy only regular lightbulbs, exoterra bulbs do the same thing for twice or 3 times the cost.
    As long as you maintain the temps it doesnt matter what brand of bulbs you use.
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    Re: light

    Regular incandescent light bulbs are the same thing as the petstore "basking bulbs".
    The petstore bulbs just have a fancy package!
    As well as a fancy price.
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    Re: light

    If you dont want to raise the temps any more, how about using a plain flourescent light...I use the ones you hang under cabinets on some of my cages.....good luck....
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